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Thank you in advance for getting in touch. I'd love to hear from you and about the project you're looking to hire me for. To get an initial impression of how I can help you, please send me some initial information about you and your project, and I’ll get back as soon as possible to you.

Who’s this guy?

My name is Josh Anozie, go ahead and try to pronounce Anozie! I bet you get it wrong if you don't understand igbo rhithym 😉

I am a professional WebsiteDeveloper, working from Abuja Nigeria. Besides being a seasoned developer, I have a solid background in Affiliat Marketing, SEO and have been responsible for some number of websites and webshops in my previous work experience.

I build custom Website, Affiliate Networking website and Blogs for magazines/News etc. My focus is to build the best, secure, reliable, optimized website with a good User Experience.

When not working, I like to watch tv series and eat some healthy home-made "Eba and Edikangikong soup with losts of stockfish".